Firstly: previously, beforehand, foremost, initially, originally, formerly,
principally, mainly, essentially, basically, generally, commonly, universally,
on the whole, fundamentally, to begin with, to start with, first of all, at
the outset ⋯

Then: subsequently, afterward, thereafter, after that, succeeding (adj.),
secondarily, what is more, furthermore (further more) ⋯

Lastly: ultimately, eventually, in conclusion, to conclude, as a final point,
last of all, last but not least, finally ⋯

Too: as well (句末), in addition, besides, moreover, additionally, to boot,excessively, also ,

And: plus, as well as, along with, in addition, bonus, with ⋯

Or: otherwise, if not, before, or else ⋯

So (adv): therefore, thus, consequently, accordingly, as a result, for that reason, hence, that ’s why

Because: as, due to, since, as to, in that, for the reason that, for, now that ⋯

But: however, moreover, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the contrary, on
the other hand, 让步 although, even thought, though, even if, while, as,
despite the fact that,

Only: just, merely, barely, singly, solely, rarely ⋯

Without: excluding,

Very: extremely, acutely, decidedly, deeply, exceedingly, greatly, highly, uncommonly, profoundly, unusually ⋯

Actually: as a matter of fact, indeed, in fact, in point of fact, in reality, in
truth, literally, truly ⋯

形容词 /副词

Important: essential, significant, vital, crucial, profound, play a pushing
role,indispensable, requisite, critical, fundamental, primary, elementary,
underlying, rudimentary, basically, necessary ⋯
-附加-傻句替换:I think that A is more important than B. (这是经典大傻句!以下句中的 'important' 可随意替换同义词)

  1. A is important to B.
  2. A plays an/a important role to B.
  3. A is of (greatenormoussignificantawesome) to B.
  4. B can not (livedevelopedgrowsurviveachieve) without A.
  5. A means (a lota great dealmuch) to B.
  6. The importance of A (to B) can never be
  7. A is everything/the whole world to B.
  8. B is fundamental on A.
  9. A matters/counts to B.
  10. Nothing is more crucial to B than A.
  11. A is to B what the (foundation is to a skyscraperwater is to fishthe
  12. is to a human)

Big: gigantic, massive, colossal, enormous, immense, gargantuan,
tremendous, titanic, giant, vast, large, huge, monster, bulky,
->many: numerous, myriad, infinite,
->forever (adv): infinity, eternal, timeless, everlasting,undying, endless,
changeless, perpetually,
Small: minimum, diminutive, minute, petite, wee, undersized, teeny, tiny,
little, petite (女子身高娇小)
Good: marvelous, fabulous, gorgeous, spectacular, outstanding,
distinguished, remarkable, superb, incredible, unbelievable, out of this
world, magnificent, charming, stunning, fantastic, terrific, excellent,
great, wonderful, amazing, awesome
Bad: awful, terrible, dreadful, defective, faulty, imperfect, inadequate,
poor, substandard, unsatisfactory, harmful, damaging, deleterious,
detrimental, hurtful, ruinous, unhealthy, evil, immoral ⋯
Clever: brilliant, knowledgeable, intellectual, intelligent, excellent, bright,
Happy: delightful, delectable, elated, glad, overjoyed, pleased, jubilant,
merry, joyful,
Beautiful: charming, charismatic, attractive, gorgeous, pretty, endearing,
sweet, adorable, eye-catching, handsome, hot, cute, good-looking,
lovable, engaging ⋯
Fast:swift, quick, rapid, speedy, hasty, nippy, like lightning,
+hurry (v): hustle, rush, make haste, tear, step on it, dash, get a move on,
step on it, scoot.
Easy: simple, effortless, no trouble, painless, plain sailing, uncomplicated,
undemanding, unproblematic, a piece of cake (informal), child ’s play
(informal), ⋯
Clear: obvious, apparent, blatant, comprehensible, conspicuous, distinct,
evident, manifest, palpable, plain, pronounced, recognizable,
transparent, intelligible, lucid, plain, understandable, uninvolved,
simple, ⋯
Direct: bald, basic, frank, naked, plain, sincere, stark, straightforward,
candid, forthright, outspoken ⋯.
Difficult: hard, tricky, complicated, complex, intricate, involved, knotty,
perplexing, puzzling, thorny ⋯
Angry: annoyed, cross, displeased, enraged, exasperated, incensed,
infuriated, irate, mad (informal), livid (informal), berserk, outraged,
Dangerous: perilous, breakneck, chancy (informal), hazardous, insecure,
precarious, risky, unsafe, vulnerable


Think (that): hold the (opinion/ belief/ position/stand point/idea) that,
assume, believe, deem, reckon, argue, maintain, suppose, conceive,
insist, be convinced, to my knowledge, personally, from my personal
perspective, as far as I am concerned, from my point of view, from my
angle, consider, conceive, perspective...
Show: convey, reveal, express, corroborate, justify, imply, verify, clarify,
signify, exemplify, illuminate, substantiate, demonstrate, elucidate,
denote, characterized as, instruct, display, disclose, indicate, means,
explain, give an/a example (reason, explanation) of, bear out, point out,
point toward ⋯
Know: realize, comprehend, identify, distinguish, discern, notice,
perceive, recognize, see, understand, figure out, be acquainted with, be
familiar with,
Get: acquire, attain, acquire, achieve, obtain, gain “学习” 不用 learn
Suggest: have a proposal in,
Increase: magnify, expand, proliferate, mushroom, improve, enhance,
advance ⋯
Impress: affect, inspire, engrave on, imprint of,
Influence: impact, affect, guide, sway,
Stop: halt, cease, conclude, desist, end, pause, put an end to, quit,
refrain, shut down, terminate ⋯
Make: create, assemble, built, construct, form, manufacture; fore, cause,
compel, constrain, drive, impel, induce, oblige, prevail, upon, require ⋯
Give: present, award, contribute, deliver, donate, grant, hand over, hand
out, provide, supply
Break:separate, burst, crack, destroy, disintegrate, fracture, fragment,
shatter, smash, snap
Destroy: ruin, raze, annihilate, crush, demolish, devastate, eradicate,
shatter, wipe out, wreck, obliterate, weaken, undermine ⋯
Happen: occur, come about, come to pass, develop, result, take place,


Problem: issue, question, case, trouble, difficulty, dilemma.
Meeting: conference, discussion, assembly, conclave, congress,
convention, gathering session, assignation, encounter, confrontation,
argument, controversy ⋯
Study: learning, application, lessons, reading, research, school work,
examination, analysis, consideration, contemplation, inspection,
investigation, knowledge,scholarship ⋯
Advantage: benefit, dominance, precedence, profit, superiority, merit ⋯
Disadvantage: shortcoming, weakness, inconvenience, drawback,
deficiency, flaw, handicap (also v. 妨碍), downside, limitation.
Life: existence, conduct, life style, way of life

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